i have been playing for a fairly long time but i dont get when it says 15^17 or 18v15 then it says bend to the last nubmer how to u bend to it do u bend then slide or what
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You're bending the first note to reach the pitch of the second note. So play the 15th fret and bend the string until you reach the pitch that the 17th fret would produce.
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With your example of 15b17, that would be a whole step bend. Play the 15th fret G and then the 17th fret A. Then play the 15th fret G again and bend it up to make it sound the same as the 17th fret A.
With your second example (18v15) you pre bend the 15th fret till it matches the pitch of the 18th fret, THEN pick the string and "unbend" or relax the bend.
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