(I wrote this because I'm a John Lennon wanna-be)
(I posted it to inspire other writers)

I Don?t Believe

Don?t ask me why I make the face I make
It doesn?t mean a god damn thing
Just don?t ask me anything for Christ?s sake
?Cuz I?m just here to sing

I don?t believe in believin?
Cant there just be what I?m seein??
And don't you ever ask me why
I know there's no such thing

You ask ?how can you have no piece of mind??
?No piece; that?s how my minds still whole?
I like to think that I know nothing?
But just like you I think I know it all
Got no happy thoughts to lift me flyin?
Got no answers for when I fall

Well I don?t believe in deceivin?
Just take a look at what you?re conceivin?
Shouldn?t you be asking why?
You cant have a fact based on a lie

I know you?re right, sir, if you?re Christian
I know you?re right of you're something else too
But it doesn?t really matter what you are
Even if your wrong no one can tell you
There is no bad or good
No reason or insanity
If you asked me to let you be I would
Couldn?t you do the same for me?

I don?t believe in believin
Cant there just be what I'm seein'?
And don't you ever ask me why- about anything
'Cuz I said I'm just here to sing