Im not sure if this goes here, but here it goes.

I want to do like The Kinks and cut my amp cone to get that distortion sound, and I was wondering if anyone knows if I need to cut it a specific way.
Well the Overdrive went out, so i am using that as an excuse to get a new one, so I have the liberty to experiment with my old one.
Hmm If you do cut it just be carfull and don't make a giant hole because if dust gets inside the cone it could fucck it up, google for a better answer or buy an overdrive pedal.
Boss DS-1's are nice and aren't expensive, check out some of the digitech distortions Bad Moneky, Hot Head and PI Big Muffs.
Alright, I think my local store carries the hot head and boss, so I will check those out before I cut the amp.Thanks again.