I was looking for a good 300w bass amplifier head, and I was wondering if the Ashdown Mag 300H is a good product. Thanks for any input!
I ve only heard good things about ashdown so i say sure
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yep it's an amazing amp. Brilliant sound, very reliable, many good features.

get it

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ashdown makes quality heads and cabnets and im getting ashdown's perfect 10 ministack
so i would say get it
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I've got an Ashdown MAG 300-210T combo and an Ashdown MAG 115 cab.
I played on a Peavy TNT, but I have to say my Ashdown sounds better.
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I've got the MAG 300 combo, I really like the tone, and its been loud enough to almost literally drown out drums and guitars at small to medium gigs.
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theyre brilliant . Ashdown had a bit of a QC crisis back in 2004ish, but that's all resolved now
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Indie, how does the MAG compare to the Laney Richter?

From personal expierence the ashdown beats it hands down, superior in pratically every way. the laney, i believe has some rnadom features like built in compressor and seven abnd EQ but these don't make up for the differece in souind quality.

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz
Fender MIA Precision
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I have it.

I love it.

You should have it.

So you can love it.
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I also have one, and it is the greatest thing ever.
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