just to get through

G Em F C

First verse

I aint got nothing to work with
You would think everything is just a myth
Just tryin to get through, is all i wanted all along
Gotta try to push my way through all this fog

Second verse

Having noone to help u get along the way
Ive been runnin all through the day
I sit here all alone on this cold and misty morning
Im all soaking wet from this rain thats been pouring

Em G

oh can you help me
theirs nothing i can do
im on this battle ship
without a crew



oh when your tryin
you always got something else
standing in your way
you always find that you fell
F C Em D
when theres nothing else left to do
G Em C G
i go back to where i started
just to get through


Third Verse

You always got something new thats on your mind
You think you got it all, but to others your just blind
But in the end you got nothing left
No friends no enemies, your just in debt



i messed up cause im stupid and i didnt put the title of my song for the name of the thread so im reposting it