It's meant to be played kinda slow, cause it doesn't sound as sad fast, and that's what I was going for.
EDIT: I made them 8th notes now, even though they still could have been really slow 16ths...
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Is each not supposed to be an 8th. Because by the looks of it your using 4 beat timing and 8ths are all that would fit, but it dosnt sound slow enough. Also i think it sounds better if you let the notes ring.
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I let them all ring except for the 8-7 on the A string.
And even in that case, I let the open strings ring.
sounds good, but on the third chord figure I'd rather play with the 8th fret on the D string instead of it being open.
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I put it on powertab and added some piano over the top.
The only thing I could use now is a suggestion of where to go after this intro.
I was thinking maybe some heavier stuff (that's why it's on a 7-string, just in case ).
Does anybody have any suggestions otherwise?
Cause I'm pretty open to other ideas.
i like bars 3-4 and 7-8 but i didnt really like bars 1-2 and 5-6 idk maybe its just the way i played it, i liked the piano melody alot i think u could do something with thatr its really good
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Heavier stuff? Listen to avenged sevenfold there pretty good at changing from softer acoustic type stuff to heavier. It also depends whhat kinda heavy you want? I think continueing with the nice melody type of song would be alot better but its your choice. What ever you come up with will work great for you and thats all that matter's in the end.
What the hell is the internet?
I dunno... it just sounds really... ugly...
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