When it reaches the 7 and 6, how do I play it? like do I strum thru the whole thing or just from the D to the E?
You fingerpick with your Finger and thumb,

when I play stairway to heaven, I fingerpick Its such a fun Song to play, Hope you learn it,
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the intro to the song is played finger picking on an acustic

if i wasent lazy i would post a vid on how to play most of the song
well i can't post it right now cuse i live on the east coast and its late so i dont wanna disturb anyone sleepin but if ya'll can wait till tommarow i'll be glad to make a video
it's easy both ways. you can use a pick and then pick the other string with another finger. i personally use my ring finger cause it feels natural to me. There's nothing wrong with fingerpicking while using a pick. its just called "Hybrid Picking" Tommy Emmanuel uses it alot.
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I am trying to shred using power chords
^ Tommy Emmanuel usually uses a thumb pick, so he can then use all his fingers.
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Wow thanks for the video... I didn't want you to go thru all this trouble though...

Thanks to everyone else