I just wanted to start something where everyone can put in links to video lessons they have found on the internet dealing with whatever on the guitar.

so that it would be alot easier for everyone rather searching the internet for hours. We could just all put in the ones we have found and watched and all help each other out.

So heres a couple to start.

Rock Discipline

Marty Friedman-Melodic Control

Zakk Wylde- Pentatonic Hardcore

Tal Farlow- Jazz lesson

Michael Romeo- Neo Classical Lesson

... well thats just a couple with kinda what they are about. So any input and sharing would be appreciated by alot of people. And also please no short clips or 2 mins lessons, this is for like real lessons.

thats a awesome thread. I really would like something like that and have been unsuccessfully looking. hopefully somebody can post some useful stuff here
Zakk Wylde: Penta Hardcore

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"Only Shred Videos Or Uploads Thread" if we're going to upload Shred. Which is what most of this stuff is.

But aren't the shred videos mostly for showing what people can do and not lessons? I don't know, I haven't seen them.
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Well, tbh, sadly, a lot of vids on peoples sites are "OMFG CHOPS!", but all of these i would class shred instructional vids...

Basically, i know shred is a bad word, but there are people out there who can teach people how to play better as well as just show off.
This thread is cool, so Bump!
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