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I just want to know from some experienced gigging guitarist/bassist on how you handle/maintane your chords, amps, pedals, instruments.. ect. For example, do you always wrap your chords.. or always polish your guitar before a show; what ever it may be, please share. I'm just curious about different performers' maintenance methods.

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Always change strings the night before a gig (if you can, or at least a few hours before the show) and keep a spare set per each guitar for back-up, polishing isnt a must for me; but I do it anyways.
I always keep all my leads on one side of my board. If I'm on the right side, they all go to the right and vice versa to keep the stage as uncluttered as possible (I also use a wireless system). I keep all my pedals on a board in front of, including the amp footswitch and tuner.

And also about cords, I just bundle em up and tape em down with two or three strips of masking tape so help ensure no one trips on them and its easier for moving all the equipment off stage for the next band.
i try to keep everything is cases of some sort. My amps are in a box that i stack them on during shows, and keep in during transport. My pedals and footswtiches are in a suitcase style floor unit where i pack up all my cables in. Theres a method to wind up cables without cuasing them to twist and lose their natural shape. I try to coil them properly, but when im in a hurry, i just fold them in parts and tie them in a know, this is a efficient way to wrap cables. Other than that, i keep my guitars maintained, but i beat them to death during the shows, knicks and scratches dont bother me,

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loop up the chords, but dont twist them. like you can wind them in circles, without twisting the cable. this way it should unravel well and stay good.
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