Ok. I've done some research and I've found that a lot of people are saying that a great practice amp is a Laney LC15R. Do you guys agree? I mainly play any type of Rock, but I do play a variety of things. If you don't agree please suggests some good practice amps that aren't very expensive (Maybe around $200-$400 Australian Dollars)

Also I've got some questions. In some reviews for the Laney LC15R, I've read that everything is good except the valves. Would you guys think it's necessary to replace the valves if I do get this amp or would it be unecessary? Also I was reading the Amp thread and it said don't play valve amps without a speaker. What does this mean (I was jutst wondering cause how the hell do you even play an amp without a speaker?)?

Thanks in advance...
1. yes it is a good amp from what i've heard
2. the ibanez valbee is in your pirce range. may be a but high gain though
3. try it and see. a retube always helps though.
4. it means dont turn your head on with out a cab plugged in. yours is a combo. so unless you unplug the speaker you'll be fine.
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What Joel said.

They're very nice budget amps, go and play one and find out.
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