I probably posted lyrics here once or twice..but..this is a "project" I've been working on for a while combining a few styles of music into a Concept. I've got a decent amount of it finished music wise, but here are all the lyrics..I don't know if I'm actually going to change anything, but comments opinions, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If you don't want to read it all, that's cool, But I would especially like criticism on Pt. 4 and 5.

Cynical Idealism
Pt. 1 Involuntary Movement - Acoustic

Arrangement of letters
Conspiracy filters
Now it starts

Surrealist signs of no
Literacy fillers
It's better

In Cement
Containment of headers
curious killers
It's harder

Pt. 2 State of Ready - Metal/Rap

Faster unbendable
reaching unexplainable
never unstable
Just under able her

Series extendable
mending terrestrial
heaven rendable
A ****ing fable or

State of next
State of taking
State of left
State of waiting
State of hope
State of letting
State of signs
State of ready

All of it mineable
sold apprehendable
render my savior
A lucky table of

Make it unsendable
Listen celestrial
Lesson learnable
An ending apple core

State of next
State of taking
State of left
State of waiting
State of hope
State of letting
State of signs
State of ready

Pt. 3 Blissfully Ignorant Antagonist - Slow, Hard Grunge

Take up the call
The call is for you
Take it up
Take it

Wake up on que
The sun is for it
Wake up on
Wake up

Break up the hit
The glass is right off
Break it up
Break it

Track down the lost
The roads on fire
Walk it off
Walk it

Wake up and take the call
Break the glass and kill the fire
Walk it off, you're happy.

Pt. 4 Climax Control - Funk

Two for two fridays
Take another weeks pay
Just another day

Play on words
It's all you heard
Cheap, absurd

Finally fighting the skyline here
I'm taking the tops off buildings
No roofs, we'll let the sun shine on
And let the night come in

Buy one for free
if you got it from me
I'm a giving tree

If you take one home
it's no fun alone
but when, In rome

Finally fighting the atmosphere
I'm taking the holes out of here
never let the heat escape
while we're keeping our cool

Pt. 5 All Good Things - Mellow Pop Rock(Think New Sonic Youth)

I like the winter air
But it's so expensive now
and we're missing out on wind
But no one really cares

I check in the room
Just to lay my head down
Leave it after an hour
minus a matchbook

I pull the lever
But theres no fire here
right direction pointed
The alarm is catchy now

I take a second
To look up ahead
About to make a point
But I couldn't find a pen
The Penguin is Chilly Steve. He's my hero.

I saw SOADrox429 almost piss himself 3-18-07
hooray for concept work

Reading through, it very much reminds me of NIN's The Downward Spiral album... a guided tour through man's demise... but as NINs character was a lot of violent, this guy seems to be breaking down slowly without realising it, especially in Part V. I like it, I wanna see how this guy ends up.

check out the beginning of my concept album: