so i'm a noob here, and so here goes for my noob questions. i've been playing a year or so and my band is ready to start gigging places bigger than just garages and stuff. so i'm looking for a amp head. i have the cabinet already a marshall 1960a cab and i'm looking for a head that can do anything from like sublime and Red hot chili peppers to stone sour and lamb of god sounding without many pedals. also i have an epi les paul standard and need different pickups to match that. any suggestions would be nice. about 250 for pickups and preferably no actives. and like 800 for the amp head. thank you.
Dimarzios are cheap cheap pickups that sound good. The only ones that come standard in guitars are like PAF Joe and stuff like taht in the Ibanez signature Joe satch guitars.

Pickups are usually around 60-80 bucks no biggie and tahts not including installation so taht'll keep you underneath 250.

I'd suggest D-Sonics which are like the active EMGs, sound great, but they're passive.
the Tone Zone is very versatile.. same with the Air Norton and stuff like that.

As for amp head... i'm definetly biased towards the JSX amp becasue it has 2 different gain channels which can give you anything from a marshall to a mesa distortion/overdrive. and the clean sounds nice. and its cheap 1500 bucks. 120 watt tube head i tihnk.
Dimarzios are good pickups. You have only been playing for a year your already gonna play giggs? good luck man
I'd suggest you get a DiMarzio Tone Zone for the bridge.. it's the most versatile pickup i've ever used.. sounds amazing too!! And for the neck get a Seymour Duncan 59'.. you get some great warm cleans out of that and would be good for the RHCP stuff

For the head.. i'd say get a Peavey XXX.. they're really versatile too but can definitely handle all your heavy stuff! Check out the demo's / sound clips for it
^But that would be terrible for cleans.

I'd suggest that you look for a used Marshall JCM900 head, they've got a lot of gain, and you could get an overdrive pedal if it hasn't, look into them.
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ok i've looked at amp heads and decided on the JCM 900, but what about the pickups, i was looking at the seymour duncan APH-Pro II's, any comments on those? and would they be able to do stone sour esque stuff? thats what the show is going to contain mainly. i just saw a rivera knucklehead, does anyone know anything about them?
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