This is rough so far. It comes from me being forced to mingle with people I detest, and seeing friends succumb to them.

I Can?t
Seem to creep away
From those who decay.
Drag me
Down unto my fate
Below the Abyss

This King
Crumbling us away
Dictating, Dividing, tagging
This Display Of Potency
Is Never Ending

Understating I who endeavour
To see through the obscurity,
To wander into the nothingness
That consumes

Futile Persecution
Praying for deliverance
To a God I?ve never known
A Martyr for the millions,
That have strived for certainty
Yet surrender to those,
Unsure of what we are
I like it.

The piece is well written. I can relate to it. I've had friends like that.

Good work!