Okay so my Crate has a CD input thing in the front I've always wondered what exactly it did and what kind of cable I would need for it (just standard AV cables)
its so you can plug in a cd player.

RCA or red/whiters, you know. some have 1/4 inch inputs for cd i think.

youre probably better off using a stereo or a cd player to play cds and your amp for your guitar, both coming out of the amp i could imagine would muddle up things a bit
that's what i thought.. but couldn't that be really useful for making sure you're in time with the cd?
^ LMAO...umm...just play to the CD dude...itll be the same timing coming from your amp as it would your stereo.
I used to link up my mp3 player to the CD input of my MG. I just used a 1/8" stereo lead and a 1/8 to 1/4" converter thing. It was really useful. Or your's might have the red and white inputs, in that case, get a lead with those on one end, and a 1/8" stereo jack on the other.
These go to eleven...
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