These are just the verses, don't really have a full song shaped up or anything, jsut wondering what people thought of them.

Please not those who run with wolves
they don't know what they're about
angry with the world at large
filled with hatred envious doubt
passionate hearts with bad intentions
revenge on the menu stay it shall
don't seek justice but rather vengeance
harmony stops on a dime at their wall

Please not those who feed on hope
the truth they never really saw
see the world through a shroud of mist
faith directed towards the law
optimistic angst leaks through gritted teeth
tears just behind their eyes linger
life is nothing but a series of bright sides
reality waits behind every corner
Deep dude.. REAL deep... its got an undescribable feeling to it...

If you could fit it into a song somehow, that would be one helluva song!
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My original intent was to put "...but never trust the French," but I didn't for fear of starting a flame war with some French UGER.

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why worry about that? They'd surrender immediatly.
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But, uh, the 'shall-wall' rhyme just doesn't work.
There is no place else to go
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