Hey guys, I installed an Air Norton and X2N combo into my RG550 a couple of weeks ago. However, I've had about three people say to me that the bridge sounds weak. I notice it too. For some reason, it doesn't have any sustain compared to my other buckers, and the gain produced is low/moderate on my VC50H. Keep in mind that this is the DiMarzio X2N - one of the ganiest passive pickups. I thought maybe I had wired my coil tap incorrectly, because I couldn't hear a difference at all between the two modes on the X2N. However, I COULD hear a difference with the Air Norton coil tapped. So I took out the coil tap, but still, I got the same result.

It seems like my X2N is like "locked" in a split coil-mode. I mean, that's what it sounds like.

Could I have a lemon?
What's goin on?

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Try rewiring the X2N from scratch.
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