ok, so i've got a problem with audacity, i plug my guitar straight into my computer using my guitar lead and a jack converter, i use programs such as revalver and guitar rig for my amp :P i cant afford a real amp at the mo :P anyway i want to use audacity to record some guitar riffs but all it records is the sound the guiatr makes without a program running and not the electric guitar sound i want to record from my program, so i was wondering how to record my computers output with audacity if this is possible, thankyou

when you just plug a guitar into a computer you only get one guitar sound, which is just a normal string noise just louder, i use revalver and guitar rig to make it into an electric guitar sound and change the tone and sound of the guitar etc... just like a real amp would
go to volume control...options>properties select recording and below make sure stereo mix is cheked and press ok...now this shud change to recording control...there probably ure mic volume will be cheked change that to stereo mix...then record....but this will record EVERY sound from the computer.
this doesnt work, all it left me with was a screeching sound and no sound coming out of my amplifier software... thanks anyway
With audacity you can't use direct monitoring to my knowledge, which means the sound you record has to be the one coming from your line in port, i.e. to get amp effects, you need to preamp your guitar before it goes through the line in, using an amplifier. Otherwise, all you will get is the bare guitar sound, as audacity does not have any built in programs or patchs which allow effects with direct monitoring. My advice is to either buy an amp or try and get your hands on a copy of cubase (if your computer is good enough to handle it).
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or if you can't afford an amp try Line6's Guitar Port.. i've been using it for a couple months and i can get some incredible tones off of it. it has a bunch of different amp models and effects, i really recommend it if you don't want to go through an amp.

I also use audacity by the way, so it will work..