hey getting a Jackson Js Warrior it has alder wood. does alder sound any good for metal?
Not too good for metal. But, great if you'll be playing leads. It's tonal character is very bright. Consider mahogany for rhythm.
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i like you guys lol.

Umm alder is good for metal but usually for lead playing metal soloing stuff like that. not to great for rhythm stuff. But you gotta think kirks pick ups sit in Maple because his guitars are all neck through maple with alder wings. as james guitars are neck thru maple with mahogany wings so that makes a difference
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wtf? wats that got to do with anyhting dont you like us or sometin?

Phil IS Australian.
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wtf? wats that got to do with anyhting dont you like us or sometin?

no, i like aussies

edit: ^shhhhhhh danno dont tell him, since it says so in my location
dave mustine uses alder jacksons dont he? great rythm from him
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Well if you are in a band, and the rhythm guitarist uses this IC400 with super muddy and powerful distortion, the the bright tone of alder might help you cut through the mess, otherwise..you can start being an oddball and go start a new trend if you ever get there:P
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^He did, but now he uses all-mahogany ESPs.

woot ESP woot *looks at user title* oh **** i meant boo ESP go Caparison eh either way both ****ing rock
lol, Speaking of Mustaine's ESP anyone played it? I played the LTD Axxion and it sounded so strange...very awkward tone from that guitar. Anyone?
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yo thnx ppl for all ya comments i think i shall get the Jackson Warrior any arguements against that guitar?
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how much you willing to spend Metal_Fiend69?

umm well this jackson warrior im getting it brand new from the store for $550aus but id say $800 be my limit cause im just a beginner
you could always get an ibanez rg321mh which has a mahogany body. also hope you got an amp aswell mate dont want to just have an electric guitar without the amp