Im going to get a new guitar couse im so sick of my old noname stratocaster copy. So i like to play kinda fast, so i think an Ibanez would suite me. So i went to the local store and checked some guitars out, and i fell in love with a guitar which was right in my price range (590 USD) and was a very nice looking Ibanez. Sounded very good to of course. But the thing is, im not so good at guitar specs, like which wood´s the best and so on. So could anyone here check this guitar out, http://www.ibanez.com/guitars/guitar.asp?model=SAS36FM&color=0
and tell me if its worth 590 USD or not. By the way, the store put the price down so it only differed a few bucks between the store price and the cheapest on the internet.
Thank you
Umm im not so sure about the bridge but it will definitly need a pick up change cuz those are just crap but other than that it doesnt seem that bad
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Looks good. The real 2 problems with Ibanez are the pickups and the bridge, if it's a floating trem. Since you say you like how it sounds and the bridge isn't a floating one, I'd think its a good buy.
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hmmm decent trem though probably would seem to need a pickup change. the binding seems alright not that great but alright though it does remind me some of the LTD Deluxe series binding. so ts what music do you like to play?
I think that's a good choice, can't go wrong with mahogany. The price seems reasonable to all the specs and i like the H/s/s pickup configuration. I just hope it plays well. And it's red, which is a fast colour... if you like playing fast...

As said before, pickups can be changed as well as the bridge. So go for raw (unplugged) sound and sustain primarily.
dude yeah I'm getting the SA260FM lefty and I like it it's a good kinda intermediate guitar as you said, and the bridge is pretty good actually as long as you don't go nuts on it

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yer its a fairly decent intermediate, but you'll defo want to replace the pickups.
okey, actually i have never played it through an amp, but what pickups should i change to then?
not very much more after the guitar, dont think i can aford more than at the most 65 USD... playing though a 30 Watt Combo Torque amp. Playing mostly system of a down, metallica, guns and roses and stuff like that
You should probably keep the guitar stock for a bit, and save up to buy a new amp. I've never played a Torque amp before though, so maybe it sounds good.

Amps have much more to do with the sound than pickups do.
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Torque amps aren't bad at all, in my experience. With that guitar you're paying for the looks over the hardware. However, it is pretty. If you played it and loved it then go for it.