i dont really remember what th words mean so dont ask

The holy Roode, vpon whose Troad
Ones ouerset were Weft,
The Daemons? Bootie of Hynde
Thy Chyld all did Reft.

Satan evyl in is Misfare,
To see assoyld his Bondsmen;
And the dreadfull Gyant of Helle,
Repined for loste Warres Again.

And if ye not Mercie Shew,
Then never Mercie ye may Haue;
For if Immortall Angelles are Wroken,
Then without shriving ye may not be Saue.

So wayment ye Loose Gouernaunce,
And abie for Wastfull Demaine.
Make Boone afore the sheene Roode;
Release thyself from balefull Paine.