this is a really rough idea, im thinking of a catchy, hooky chorus to go with it. let me know what you think.

close my eyes and count to ten, start it from page one again
every chapter ends too soon, the thick claret smears the room
as your eyes meet my thumbs you call for help it never comes.
we've co existed for two years now and im making sure were not done yet

how inarticulate could i be?
as i wrote in blood on your bedroom wall
"give me one more " with the "chance" cut off
the light was just not bright enough

biting my lip, hid behind your curtains
to see your face when you first walk in
you've got no idea how much im hurting
but i'l make damn sure you'l get a taste, feel the creeping on your skin

smack, bang!
you back where you like it
flat on your back, you dont make a sound
smack, bang!
but this time its different
your lay on your back but your skirt aint down
smack, bang!
your gonna listen
to every word i have to say
smack bang!
i'l make you a promise,
if you survive this i swear i'l go away

if you would of just gave in, i could of been just what you wanted
your little piece of heaven, the envy in your best friends eyes
Instead you had to **** me around , the lies just would not play with me
gaze at the stars, this will be your last sight, watch the suns burn out as you die