are there any easy/cheap/interesting mods to do to my aes420 (yamaha LP copy thing) i want to add an extra pot mainly for appearances, but would prefer it to be functional

i was thinking along the lines of a series/paralell pan or a volume pan

any suggestions
Well you could add another volume put and wire it with a volume pot for each pickup (allows you to have the neck pickup on low volume so you can quickly switch to it for cleaner parts for example. You can also set the volume of one pickup on 0 and do the Tom Morello killswitch thing)

like this: http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/schematics/2h_2v_1t_3w.html

or if you have 4 conductor humbuckers you could easily wire it for coil splitting for some singlecoiley sounds: http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/schematics/2h_2v_1t_3w_pp.html

note: the colors there for the wires apply to seymour duncan pickups

many many more options are available:
you could wire one push-pull to turn one of the pickups out of phase (gives you a nasal trebly sound when you have both pickups selected but with 2 volume controls you can get some pretty neat stuff going on
yeah i dont wanna coil slpit coz i got a strat for that, but the other stuff seems interesting, i might go with another volume volume tone or a bass/treble cut and a volume.

i also might add in a kill switch coz they sound nice and crazy

would those be hard to wire in? or should i jsut pay someone to do it
If you wanted to you could convert it to full les paul type wiring with the 4 pots.

And then if you wanted to extend on that, with push poll pots you could do the entire Jimmy Page setup where you get dozens of comibantions regarding the pickups in series/in parallel and in and out of phase.
theres not that much room to play with in the back. so im thinking of going with the extra volume... altho now the in/out phase sounds good.

i play alot of classic rock 60,70 stuff and country, whould that be a good mod for that sorta stuff if not what mod might be good for that