ok so i just bought a ibanez s 470dxqm and i really like it ...but i cant figure out how to restring it....like where to feed the strings in the bridge or whatever...iv looked at the back to see if thats how u do it ....and its not......do u have to take the plastic backplate thingy off? ...so yah please help me!!!!!!!!!thanx
Just take it off and take a look inside. You will be amazed. You just feed em' up through the front. No other way to do it if that's your guitars format. Be sure not to bend em too much on their way up or else it'll be a hazrd to try to plug em' up on the macine heads.
....yah i opened up the back looked around..and i dont think thats how you restring it...........so yah anybody actually have this guitar and no what to do?
What you do is take an allen key(which should have come with the guitar), and look at the saddles. On the back of the saddles, you put the allen key in and loosen the in screw. The string will just pop out. You will notice that the string doesn't have a ball end, this is because you have to snip the ball end off, then put the new string in.
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