Hey all.......

dunno if ya#ll remember, but i posted my uni final year project on here, askin for feedback, cheers to the ones who did, helped me out.i passed uni wit a 2.1!!

Anyhooo, onto point o the thread.....we got "what song for..........." threads all over the shop, mostly for girls, (lol, read them when i was younger :P) but i got a idea for a thread thats a bit more original....

How bout some reccomendations for some dark and moody acoustic songs?

Couple of examples i can think of quickly is stuff by:

STP - PLUSH (acoustic)
Days of the new - shelf in the room
Alice in chains - most of the unplugged album

would list more but i gotta leave work now!!! IM EMPLOYED!! Not a poor student no more :P

See what you all think....could be an interesting thread??

Alot the unplugged Nirvana.

In general, alot of grunge and rock from the 90s.
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i agree with the other guy, nirvana's unplugged stuff is probably the most dark and moody.
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pretty much anything that came out of seatle in the 90s would fit the bill. alice in chains is most definitely the lord of dark grungy rock to me though.
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i suggest where do you think youre going by the dire straits

I whole heartedly concur with anything by Mark Knoppfler.
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Hey, thanks for the rplies.....couldnt read em all day! lol...........

Cheers guys, I'll look into those tunes

Any others people??? You know these songs sound good!!

I like jose gonzalez's cover of 'love will tear us apart' .. have a look at that one.

Got a great one, and it's not that hard: Is There Anybody Out There by Pink Floyd. An instrumental piece, it sounds great.
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opeth has a lot of dark moody acoustic pieces...Patterns in the Ivy is a great instumental...and Benighted is really good as well....
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Karma Police, Lucky, Paranoid Android, Creep

Shinedown - 45

Hmm that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

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Got a great one, and it's not that hard: Is There Anybody Out There by Pink Floyd. An instrumental piece, it sounds great.

Yeah I was gonna recommend this one as well, try it!
thanks for all the reccomendations, gonna check em all out this weekend, as soon as i got time

Dunno why, but i found that the darker kinds moodier stuff always sounds well on a lower than standard tuning........Drop D, half step/full step down, drop C etc.....

You think so as well? Im really into messing around with alternate tunings, only problem is learning about 3 songs at the same time, all with alternate tunings, is a right hastle to get sorted.

ABout makin me own tune, I mess around like, and have made a few nice tunes, but nothing dark, need these reccomendations to get used to the chord progressions, melodies etc.. so i get ideas for later on, when I try to make stuff in this mood.

Just wondering if you find this kindof music interestin as well, i mean i love playin bluesy, kindof stuff (Jam from Dave Matthews - What would you say? intro to hear my train acomin (Hendrix)) or some o the more technical tunes (Yellow Ledbetter.....classic!!) but these kindof tunes are the ones that you hear on radio, at mates house, wherever,....and they grab your attention, cos you wanna hear how its gonna go, is it gonna stay dark all the way through? Is it gonna have a more upbeat middle section? Is it gonna stay slow melodic or go proper all out????

Dunno, but i find i always come back after a while to this kindof tune, something that can be played anywhere that makes people think a bit, pay attention to the music.... make em realise that songs dont nesseceraily have to be uppers all the time, (not sayin that these songs are downers!!) An example of AIC unplugged is Rooster.....not upper, not downer.........jus very moody!

Anways.......keep em comin people, i really appreceate these!!!!

BAck soon!

just found this thread while looking for the same myself, so thought i'd share my finding so far..

Not running anymore - Jon Bon Jovi
Nothing ever changes - Ugly Kid Joe
Hurt - Johnny Cash (cover)
Hurt - Nine Inch Nails (original)

Somehow i prefer the older, more expereinced voice in Cash's version, somehow makes it more thoughtful, darker because of a life lived, full of joys and hurt, but I guess it depends on the listener in the end....

Please do add more song,, if there is interest in reviving this post, i might add more as I find more..

Songs to accompany the soothing sound of raindrops on the window/porch/car..
OK then, bump it is:

"Sandman"...... America

"Sister Morphine"....... The Rolling Stones

"Diamonds and Rust"...... Joan Baez

"Lady Fuchsia"...... The Strawbs from, "Bursting at the Seams" (Lonely noblewoman contemplates or/then consummates suicide, to the lilt of the 12 string).

"The Hangman & the Papist".......Strawbs again, this time from, "From the Witchwood"

"Roads to Moscow"....... Al Stewart from, "Past, Present, & Future"


"Roads to Moscow" should about do it for now. I love the I, II Phrygian dominant cadence in the chorus. It's depressing and relentless....
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Traditional - "Scarborough Fair". Any version you like, including mine.

"Matty Groves" is heavy stuff.
Yeah but, it's so hard to remember all the words to a Child's ballad. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Child_Ballads

If we're going to talk strictly body count, then half of Loreena McKennitt's catalog is dark, moody, and bleak.
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I whole heartedly concur with anything by Mark Knoppfler.

Love Knopfler, but I don't generally think of him as a "Dark moody" song type guy.
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Love Knopfler, but I don't generally think of him as a "Dark moody" song type guy.
On the "Dire Straits" Dire Straits album, "The Six Blade Knife" is pretty abject and sullen.

I still think everybody needs to check out the "Roads to Moscow" video posted. An 8 minute synopsis of the German invasion of Russia during WW2. A body count in the tens of thousands, (if not millions), and ends with the Russians motoring into Berlin, while Josef Stalin carts off millions of Russian citizens to Siberian concentration camps, never to be heard of again. So much for a happy ending to the war....
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Forgot about the knife song. I guess about the darkest I could think of was probably "So Far Away", which is just sad and not really dark. Maybe "The Man's Too Strong", about a war criminal, is a little dark.
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^^^^ But the last phrase is worth the effort of remembering the rest:

"...... cut off his head and kicked it against the wall....[ ]....
Where are you getting that from? The only version I've ever heard is Fariport's, and it ends thus:

He stuck his wife right through the heart
Dm C Dm
And pinned her against the wall

I do realize there are different versions, which even have different lord's names and such.
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Sorry I've no idea where it originally came from. It is the version my mate used to sing, in the early 60s; maybe he made it up.
OK, here is a rendering of "Little Musgrave & Lady Barnard", ostensibly from Child's himself (#81). "Matty Groves". Note that it follows the story plot closely, but the syntax and characters are quite different. (If in name only) https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Child's_Ballads/81

However, this page, "by a blogger", does make mention, (about 2/3 down the page), of "a head getting kicked across the floor" http://zeegrooves.blogspot.com/2010/02/fairport-convention-matty-groves.html

So, I doubt if your friend made it up, as there seem to be countless retelling of the story.

Here's Wiki with all the possible names of these star crossed characters: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matty_Groves
The SAP and Jar of Flies EP`s by Alice In Chains. Some stunning guitar and vocal work on those recordings.
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Jimi Hendrix
Glenn Danzig has some nice dark moody Songs, partially or completely acoustic...

I especially remember the "Lucifuge" Album...Killer Wolf, I'm the one, Blood and tears ( one of my personal all time favourites )
try "Louise" written by Leo Kotke, sung by Bonnie Raitt
My Opening Farewell, Jackson Browne
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