Exactly what it says on the tin. Does anyone know what cab I can buy and what cables i need to connect it? Sound wise I want more beef so meat for metal basically and fairly cheap cause I just want it for home use really. just fancy a new toy!!
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I believe there's a matching ENGL 1x12 cab for the Screamer. I saw it once in an ebay auction. I bet it's overpriced though.
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What kind of cable: a power cable, not a guitar cable. With the same typo of 1/4" jacks though.

What type of cabinet: something with either 8ohms or 16ohms if I understand the manual.
I think its 8 ohms you want if you want to use the internal speaker along with a cabinet.

edit: 8ohms and you hook up the internal speaker and the cabinet to the "16 ohms serial" jacks if I understand this right
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carvin legacy 2x12

$360 straight from carvins factory outlet web site.
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^^ He's in the uk, avatar only ship in and around the USA. If he wants a good cabinet, custom made and decent price (only £119 just for the cabinet, speakers cost more)
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