hey all

i currently have a Vox AD100 valvestate and i'm thinking of trading it in for a Peavy Valve King 50 watt for the all "tube" sound.

one thing which i'm concerned about is the price, to me £300 for a 50watt tube amp seems a little cheap.

i'm currently playing a Gibson Les Paul modded with Bare knuckle miracle man pickups.

My style is Blues (aggressive blues) /Classic Rock/ heavy rock.

please let me know on your opinions on the trade in and the amp its self.

Cheers all
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It's a good amp for the money, I would reccomend a speaker and tube change and a nice overdrive but in the end it's a much nicer amp.
i may be buying this amp on Saturday but one thing is concerning me, its 50watt tube, fine but it has 1 12inch speaker, is this going to be loud enough for giging at say for 100-150 people with the band?
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Peavey Classic 30 or 50 are better amps than the ValveKing, which sounded thin to me when I tried it out side by side with the Classic. The ValveKing has a knob on the back that is supposed to vary the signal from Class A to Class AB, but I didn't notice any difference when the knob was turned to either extreme.
It's a very mediocre amp. Since your're in the UK, you can get far better for the money.
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When I tried it I thought it sounded thin and weak. It had enough gain for metal, ut it didn't sopund good at that level, again it was thin and weak. The cleans sucked, but the gutiar I was using had a set of EMG's in it, so that may have been the problem.
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hmmm i'm starting to have 2nd thoughts about getting this amp, problem is i would like a tube amp for practicing with the band and gigging. i cant go above £400. when i saw the valve king is seemed like great value and when i asked to hear it sounded pritty good. how much would the classic 50 cost in the uk? also what other tubes amps are out there with in my price range?

also keep your opinons on the valve king coming too.

going off the websites clips, the amp does sound pritty good, better then my vox any way.
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Peavey's are expensive in the UK. But used you might be able to get one under £400 - check eBay.

Laney is a good brand to check out in the UK. Check out the VC and the LC ranges.
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well i think what i'm going to do is buy the amp, and if need be change the speaker and/or tubes at a later date.

what ya think guys, for £300 a 50watt all tube amp? (i think the valve king is made in china to keep the costs down, thats why its cheap)
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I know loads of people are going to hate me for saying this......but...............
Dont write off solid states, sure they dont have the wow factor of valves but they can be just as loud if not louder, not sound that much worse, but be a hell of a lot more reliable.
and there is a hell of a lot more choise at £400.
If you're in the UK, get a Laney VC30 and an overdrive pedal, you'll be suited for aaaaages.

Try one out and see.
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I tried Valveking 100 head at a local store. It had a great sound. Not quite what I'm looking for, but, definitely a great sounding amp and a great value. Check out some of the reviews at Harmony Central. As to loudness, a 50 watt tube amp is a lot louder than you might think. I would suggest going to a Peavey dealer and check one out.