Frequently Asked Questions

Read these before you make a thread please. You'll find that many questions are asked all of the time and it's very strenuous to have to answer them 50 times a day. So here we go:

Where are the rules of this forum located?

Right here. Try to take in as much of that as you can, especially the stuff in big huge letters, as everything there is useful information. It will teach you about the UG hierarchy, the Control Panel, some really really big important rules, posting etiquette, etc. You'll also want to read the Site FAQ.

Why does it say I have made such a small amount of posts? I've posted a zillion times!

You must keep in mind that posts in the Newbie Forum and the Pit don't count towards your post count. This is to encourage more intelligent posting throughout other forums.

Can I change my username?

Simple answer: no. It says when you register to pick a name you wont hate later because you will not be able to change it. The only people who have the power to change nicknames are administrators and there is about a 0.001% chance that they will change it for you. Usually, the only instances where a username is changed is when one moderator has upset casual... I mean any administrator, and their username is changed to something very unfavourable and left as such just long enough to embarrass them.

But to be blunt about it, no, you can't have your nicknamed changed unless there is some amazing reason that I can't even think of right now.

Do not make a thread about it. If you have a VERY good reason, PM an admin about it (anyone with a red username).

How do I edit my profile?

Very easy. All you do is click "Control Panel" toward the top of the page (parallel to the search bar but on the far left). From there, just click Edit Profile on the left and bam, you're there.

If you need any more help with this, read the announcement at the top of this forum.

How do I change the words under my name?

Go to "Control Panel" at the top of the screen.
There will be a list on the far left of the screen. Find "Edit Profile" and click it.

A little ways down the page, there will be an option to change your "Custom User Title". That's what you're looking for. It'll tell you what your current user title is and there will be a text-field where you can enter a new one.

When you have entered your desired Custom User Title, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save Changes".

How do I change the picture under my name?

Go to "Control Panel" at the top of the screen.
There will be a list on the far left of the screen. Find "Edit Avatar" and click it.

If you do not want to use one of the Pre-defined Standard Avatars, select "Use Custom Avatar". If the image you would like to use is hosted on the web, enter the URL into the first text box (eg. http://www.website.com/image.jpg). If the image is saved on your computer, enter it's location in the second text box. Then click "Save Changes".

How long do I have to wait before I can change my avatar/user title?

There is no longer an amount of time you need to wait or an amount of times you need to posts. You can change your avatar and user title right after you register if you want. Read the answers to the previous two questions to learn how to do it.

How long before I can post in other forums?

Anytime. There is no limit, but it is a good idea to hang around here for a while and get acquainted with the way the forum works/other users/the rules.

What's a referral?

When you register, there's a box on the registration page where you can put in the username of the person who told you to sign up. This will award them with another referral on their count. It doesn't mean anything in particular, just something to show off.

What can I post here in the Newbie Forum?

Any questions you might have regarding the use of our forums. Whether it be about how to use smilies, how to use VB tags, what certain "buttons" mean, what the different post options mean, etc. But make sure you've perused the Site FAQ first at least a little bit, as it explains many things.

What shouldn't I post here?

Well, anything not related to the use of the boards. This is if you're new to this website, not to the guitar itself. if you have a beginning GUITAR question, please bring that to the Guitar & Bass Basics forum.

Also, please try and refrain from those "Hi, I'm new!?" threads. If you are a new member, say so in the First Post? Want to say hi/introduce yourself? Do It Here thread at the top of this forum (the New Members Q&A forum). Those threads can get fairly annoying.
And Senior Members: BE NICE TO THE NEWBIES.

What should I do if I see someone spamming/advertising on the forums?

When you see a thread which is obviously spam or advertising (i.e is completely pointless or contains links to websites which are trying to sell something/contain pornography, etc.) do not post in it for any reason unless you are reporting it, and include *reported* in your post so other users are aware that the thread has been reported. Bumping these kinds of threads is not appreciated and you'll receive a warning for it, even if you're telling the threadstarter not to spam, etc.

If the thread has already been reported by someone, just ignore it. It's not ok to spam the thread up even more, and each thread does not need to be reported more than once. Once again, warnings will be given out to anyone who contributes to a spam thread.

What do the different colored names for the moderators mean?

Good question! well, as you already know, there're different levels of Moderators. In order to more easily indentify who's who, each level has it's own color. It goes as follows.

Administrators (aka. Admin)

Super-Moderators (aka. Super-Mods or SMods)

Moderators (aka. Mods)

zColumns (aka. Column Cleaners)

To see which users are in each of these categories and which particular forums they moderate, go to the Forum Index. At the bottom of the list of forums, click "View Forum Leaders".

Ok so, what's the difference between the different types of Mods?

Well the difference is in their abilities on the forums.

Admin - Anything they want lol. Change usernames (special circumstances only. so don't ask to have your username changed just because you now realize 666 and 69 are really retarded), delete user accounts, add and remove mods, add and delete forums, etc.. like I said. Anything.

Super-Mods - SMs can do anything on the forums as far as pruning threads, closing moving or deleting threads and posts in any forum. editing posts, etc. They can also edit some user options, such as avatars, sigs, etc, if needed.

Mods - the regular Mods have the same powers as the SM's, but their ability to move, close, delete and edit only apply to their designated forum(s).

Column Cleaners - they can delete any spam or offensive comments in the columns section of the site. which includes lessons/articles/etc.. their warning and banning privelages extend ONLY to users who abuse those sections. they do not have any disciplinary privileges on the forums.

I've posted in alot of places; how can I view all of the posts I have made?

To view all of your posts (that still exist), simply click on your username (it will take you to your own profile). When you're there, click "Find all posts by this user" and they will come up in a new page. You can do this for any member, not just yourself.

So far, this FAQ is written by casualty01, sonixon and divid3d.

This FAQ will be added to as questions arise/are suggested. If you have any suggestions for additional questions that you think should be added, PM sonixon, divid3d, FrenchyFungus or Burpin'Worm.
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