im a guitarist, and i know that im not the best. i was wondering, if im in a band, how do i get away with not being all that good? what do i need to play more than other things? how should i write songs?
You don't have to be a god at guitar to be in a band. If you can keep time, play relatively cleanly and play power chords you can do it. That is the beauty of rock. The main thing wiht playing in a band is being able to keep time. If you can't do that, you are screwed.
Look at any of today's music, most of the guitarists suck balls but their looked upon as Gods. Im not saying your bad, I'm just saying you can make yourself look a lot better than you actually are. If your singing, all you really have to do is play the chorus, and have your rythym guitarist play the rest.

Good Luck.
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just don't...

haha, im kidding really, but dont turn out like another blink 182-greenday-Mc Fly band, make the most of what you have and be more creative.
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I'd just stick with whatever is the most comfortable. Whatever you do, just don't get too complicated and try something out of your range. You should play something more simple rather than trying to risk it and end up screwing up your parts when you perform. Power chords are probably your best option but remember, it's not your only one.
if you really want to be in a band, then be really enthusiastic about being in it. things like turning up to rehearsal on time every time show your band you really wanna play music with them. As long as you can play basic stuff (powerchords mainly) then you can get away in a rock band without being good
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just go nuts on stage and jump around alot. that's always an excuse to play ****ty... lol, just kidding. the guys that can go wild and still play amaze me, my feet cant leave the ground at the same time while im alternate picking or i dont land correctly... it strikes me as funny that i'll break my ankle to play a part right, weird mental state i'm in i guess.

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You don't have to be a god at guitar to be in a band. If you can keep time, play relatively cleanly and play power chords you can do it. That is the beauty of rock. The main thing wiht playing in a band is being able to keep time. If you can't do that, you are screwed.

lol, so true that is! the last band i was in our old "lead" guitarist could keep time, most of the time I wrote parts for him, but he played them wrong. Wow, that pissed me off.
Learn How to sing.
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Play Greenday. You're probably better than they are.
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maybe try becoming a bit more efficient at playing your instrument by practicing seriously? yeah, it is a crazy, unheard of thought, but maybe you should give it a try...who knows, there is the SMALL chance that it may work out
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it took you 15 consecutive hours of practice to realize that playing guitar makes you better at playing guitar. congratulations.

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just be enthusiastic about playing in the band, be happy that you get the chance to play in the band, and while you are in the band, make as much effort as you can to get better. whenever you are talking to the band members, you should always have something new to say about something you are learning and working on. that will keep you in the band and let you go much further. and you dont have to play better things than the band's songs. just practice all the songs you guys play so you have them nailed, and the fact that you arent always screwing up parts to songs will make them think of you in a much better light.
Do what you do best. Whether it's giving them water when they're on a break or playing rhythm.
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respect others and try to learn from them. thats what i did (and still doing)... just remember speed isnt everything. thats something i learned the hard way. lol

but most hot-shots are ego maniacs hiding behind a mask of humbleness. be careful who you look up to.
don't overcomplicate the riffs or rhythms or whatever, and DO NOT be a cocky ****head.

powerchords and such are good to start on if you're playing rhythm. and if you're lead... arpeggiated power chords?
^ A lead consisting of root and fifth? I'd sooner have no lead lol. I mean maybe ONE would be ok, but it can't be overdone.


1. Practice. Being good requires time and effort.

2. Get your timing down, if anything. If you have good timing, and can lock in well, the band will sound that much tighter. You don't need to wow everyone, but they'll think the band is that much better if everything is locked in.
do what i do. no matter how long you've been playing, just listen to yourself when you jam, and decide on something to improve upon after every jam. It can be something as simple as getting a riff to sound smoother, or working on being able to stretch your pinky to a certain note, or even just working with a metronome to improve your sense of timing. as soon as you've got it down, just look for the next thing.

the reason i like to learn this way is because it frees your mind up. if you play something until you've got it down pat, it's one less musical brain cramp to get in your way of coming up with a new lick or a song idea.

there is no other way to become great at playing guitar than to practice every chance you have, and improve upon your practicing every time you do it.
i'm not a great guitar player and in my band i only usually play power chords but i try to make up with it by just trying to put on a good show by moving/jumping about and enjoying myself...if the crowd see you are enjoying yourself then they will feed off that energy you create...well it works for me anyway
if i started playing more technical stuff i wouldn't enjoy it as much because it would be harder for me to move about.
As long as you have a lead guitarist your probably fine. If your playing rock though, your gonna want some leads.

Just remember to keep time.
In my first band we had two guitar players and a singer that did nothing but sing. Neither one of us did any leads or any great stuff like that. So just like most people have said if you can keep time your pretty much a rock star. Just, when your playing with your band if you like the music thats all you need to worry about because there are pleanty of people who can't play guitar who watch bands just to hear the music because they like it. So if people like your music just don't worry. Also another thing that helped me learn to keep time was taking band lessons in school, so just give it your best and don't worry!!
i'm not going to tell you 3 million things, just this little bit of important information that hasn't been said here

always remember, people who don't play an instrument are musically retarded, they are easily impressed, and (contrary to popular belief) they can't see through the **** disguised as talent
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1) Make sure the drummer and bassist can compensate for your lack of talent.
2) When asked, make sure that you give the drummer and bassist credit for your band's sound.
3) Distortion.

One thing I suggest is to know your equipment inside and out. Learn to use all the controls/knobs on both your guitar and amp. For example, learn the different ways to configure your pickups. If your playing a searing lead, it's probably best to have the bridge pickup engaged instead of the neck. Overall, if you can get a good tone, its not hard to make yourself sound like a guitar god with easy chords/power chords.
1. Get a good sound.
2. Write a good rhythm part and keep things melodic.
3. Enjoy it and put on a show.
4. Practice to get technically better so you're notheld back in future.
5. Repeat step 4.