ok, if you play a bass wiht a pick it isent that bad, but what if you play 2 strings at once. kinda like a guitar but only 2 strings. i just wanted to know if it was ok or if its just not right. j/w thanks!!
it's called a double stop. and you can do what you want and whoever says different is the wrong one. I use them pretty regularly.
sound-wise there's no right or wrong...
technique-wise there could be a better way to do it...
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of course you can do it but IMO it doesnt sound great
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i do them all the time. to me it sounds tuneful
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of course you can do it but IMO it doesnt sound great

on the low strings, yeah, but on the higher strings, it's good.
why would there be a problem with it?

just do what you feel, what sounds good sounds good
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Do what you want. There is nothing that will be wrong when you're playing.
a good way to fingerstyle something like that would be to use your thumb to pluck one of the strings and your index finger to get the other. it's easy to time properly after just a little practice.
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thanks for all the help guys

You can also play two adjacent strings with your fingers at once (Double stop). Just drag your finger along them both at the same time.
And triple stops ! A La the beginning of PoT where he frets one note on the A string and harmonics the D and G string
Nothing wrong with it, I'd be very carefull about using them too much though cause it might sound a bit muddy. I use them very occasionaly and only in the higher frequencies.
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i play with a pick and do chords like that


G: 9
D: 7 stuff like that it sounds gnarley to me...