hey i listen to A LOT of punk and stuff similar to it. who does everyone think the best punk bassist is... im not realy sure mark hoppus and mike dirnt are both not very good... they dont make up their own stuf... the nofx bassist is ok hes got some cool bass intros so im going to have to vote for him out of all ive heard. if you know someone better... post them!
i thought mike dirnt and mark hoppus WERENT punk

and mike dirnt is a very good bassist for the record

sid vicious is allways the favorite...allthough he aint the best!
mark hoppus sucks at bass.(and im a blink-182 fan) hes more like a bad singer who happens to play bass somehow. but he is ridiculously funny, so i like him...

well i think d'arcy is a good player. but shes a druggie
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You're all ****ing retarded. Don't come back.

Oh, and the best punk bassist is Matt Freeman from Ransid, because he is well hardcore
do a thread search.

p.s. No Blink 182 or Green Day in this forum!
I could warn you for that, broseph. Read the FAQ