I just found these videos from earlier in the year and decided to put them on YouTube. They're from a show the guitar club put on at my school. I'm the one with the blazer who sings on the first two. I apologize, the vocals are rough. I've improved astronomically in that department since these videos were taken. Also, I know that we don't do The Wind Cries Mary the way Hendrix did it; this is because we got the idea to do it during one practice when someone was strumming the chords and we arranged it on the spot. I also know that I fumbled the Day Tripper lead, but I think one mistake is pretty good. The bassist and the guitarist on the left with the black hollowbody are both in my band, the drummer and the guitarist on the right have just started their own band and are good friends of ours. If I can find the video from the second half of the show I'll try to post that as well. Hope you like this.

I Can't Explain - The Who

The Wind Cries Mary - The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Day Tripper - The Beatles
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Wind Cries Mary was cool man.
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Hey, wasnt too keen on cant explain, the music was good, but i dont think you voice suited it. The wind cries mary is really nice, your voice suits that. as for day tripper, great playing, and the guy who's singing has a nice voice, he just doesnt seem very sure of himself, he should belt it out more.