Here goes another one of my songs, C4C. I hope you enjoy it and any feedback is welcome.

Note: Parentheses is background vocals by the way. Kind like a Def Leppard song towrds the end after the second chorus.

Who is this girl
What is her name
When she talks to me
I don't know what to say

Old memories never die
But WHY!!! Can I not remember her
(I can't remember her)

She gives me her number
Tells me to call her
She tells me we should hang out together

WHat should I do
What should I say
Why do I have these feelings for her
But I don't know her name


She seems ready to rock
So why not give it a shot
A one night stand don't need no names but
All the same

Repeat 2x:
I'm looking at you girl
I finally figured you out
You're my old sweetheart
Who I've always cared about
But I forgot your name (forgot your name)

But old memories never die