Hi guys,

This is myself first time trying to adjust the action on my jackson dk2 since Low e and a buzz like crazy.

Heres the question: When adjusting the bridge level on double locking floyd rose, does both side of the bridge has to be adjusted at same elevation?

There are 2 screws to adjust the bridge level. When i adjust the left side one and those strings stop buzzing, then i adjusted the right side one try to make them paraellel to each other. When i did that, the high E string is too too high. So i wonder if this is the right way to do this. Don't want to pay to adjust the action because i don't think i would have the time and money to do that throughtout my life. Any advice/ help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Black Jackson Dinky 2
Peavey Envoy 110
and that's it.