can anyone tell me about any experiences theyve had with the cube 60 like gigging etc.
thank you
I think the cube 60 is a nice little practice amp, but I don't like the sound is has when it's cranked. The cleans are very nice, distortions are good. It CAN gig I suppose, but a tube combo will be better in place of it. It won't sound horrible when gigging, just not amazing. It'll be good, and the only people who will notice that it doesn't sound like a tube amp are other guitarists. The crowd will most likely be pretty impressed.

It's more modern/metal oriented though.. so if you want an amp that does classic rock very well, then go for the Vox ADxxVT. The most annoying part, as you might catch my thread somewhere, is that the footswitch that is recommended for it takes two pushes to switch a channel. Maybe there's an option to change it to one push and I didn't see it.. but.. IDK, I've yet to find it.

Overall - Nice amp for beginners, sounds nice, it's an amazing practice amp, has a nice array of effects/features, and is decent when at higher volumes. Can cut through drums pretty nicely.

** Take note: I'm using a 100 dollar guitar through this, so... I'm not sure if a 500-1000 dollar one would improve it's sound or what, but it sounds nice through the one I have. **
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The Roland Cube 60 is a great amp, but as sg-rocker said, its not great at high volumes. I had band practice a few days during a week before a gig and when I would crank the amp, it would give a band screech if I didnt have the volume on my guitar covered, or both of my hands muting the strings. I had to return it for that and buy a new amp because I needed high volumes. It sounds great clean and dirty. I love its clean sounds and its heavier distortion sounds. They are perfect for classic rock, metal, clean stuff, a lot of stuff actually.