It doesn't matter how deep they are as long as everything fits in. 20mm is a good starting point.
however deep they need to be to fit your pups and wires
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What is a pup?

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sir, are you a retard.
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for strats it 5/8" i believe or thats what i was told

For a MIJ Strat, the PU cavity is precisely 5/8" deep and the pots cavity is precisely 1-1/4" deep. As I pointed out in your build thread, get the proper router bits and no matter how much those braces bother you, it is not OK, I repeat, it is not OK to route the cavities with your teeth!

Though it really doesn't mater unless you are using a see-through pickguard. You could go almost right through your guitar if you wanted to..... And besides. IF you don't route it deep enough the first time just try again!