I'm going to make a live performance at the house of concerts in sweden in september, and I have been asked to play something rocky, and classical, instrumental.. Supposed to be 2 guitars.. Anyone got any tips?

well this is me throwin the bat, ive done a few small gigs like 200-300 people. You should choose a song most of the peopel there will definetly know, but also something you like to play, im not quite sure what you want to do though. You want a song that is classical/rock/instrumental? or you want one of each.

IMO you could do something by Aerosmith or Queen if you want something with orchestrical instruments but to be rocky and classical in one. Otherwise srry man i cant help you.
Songs working on :

Yngwie Malmsteen , any of the following , depending on how good you are at guitar.

Black Star , Far Beyond the Sun , Evil Eye , Now You're Ships are Burned

but be warned these are pretty advanced songs
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you should do something by al dimeola or john mclaughlan...maybe gaurdian angel
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