I have an old Epiphone Les Paul knockoff, with some nice pick ups in it and nice mechine heads, and all. I want to give it that old vintage look, kinda like the Fender "relics". Any on got any tips on how to do thaT?

To kidna have This kidna look:
Using it a lot helps to wear downthe finish in good places. Use a belt buckle to scratch up the back, put a cigarette out on the top (if you don't smoke, find someone who does), you can rough up the surface of chrome parts with steel wool, and white/creme parts can be left in strong coffee or tea for a few hours to give them an aged appearance, leave the body in a window.... in the sun.... (this one can be kind of dangerous because it can warp your body), find places that your body makes contact with the guitar, mark them and then sand the edges down a little. After you do that, that should loosen up the paint and it will start to wear down.

Hope that helps. By the way, any pics? By the way again, hope that helps.


It says not to use steel wool but hydrochloric acid instead. I hear that bleach works too.
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^Those crazy Russians

And threadstarter that Strat relic is horrible.

And bang your guitar against a few walls quite softly, that works, I found that out the accidental way...
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There is of course the method of practicing a lot with the same guitar. Making it big, still playing all shows with the same guitar, and then about 30-40 years from now you will have this awesome weathered guitar that will sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars because it's famous.

Or, sandpaper, shoepolish, and a penchant for ruining COMPLETELY GOOD GUITARS.
wow, russians are crazy when it comes to relicing. remind me not to take my guitar to russia anytime soon...lol
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wow, russians are crazy when it comes to relicing. remind me not to take my guitar to russia anytime soon...lol

If you looked through the entire thing, on the first page its mentioned that its a Standard Squier.
At the end they give the guitar to various famous russian guitarists and manage to trick them that they're playing a real played out vintage strat
I've seen that one in russan in english somewhere before. I've only seen up to them burying.

Also: so buying a Squire just to do that
One, an Epiphone is NOT a knockoff. Les Paul himself approves Epiphone making LP guitars. Therefore, they are the real deal.

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Didnt Gibson Buy out Epiphone, back in the day Epiphone was Gibsons biggest competitor.
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just check out John Frusciante's guitar

Rory Gallaghers one is better
Shoe pollish???

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Rory Gallaghers one is better

yeah, and its been customised, and going for £4000 pounds for a copy of one

the best way to make a guitar look used is to bas it about a bit, keys, sand paper, cigarettes, stuff thats wears the finish down, hit it against the wall slightly if you dont care about it too much
That relic is awfull. D=
Way too unatural.

I'd just get some sandpaper a few screwdrivers and do it as unneatly as possible, dont just stick to filing around contours etc. go from the middle.
Or better yet just give it a few good years of total abuse.
^I'm gonna' try that, any pics of the finished results mate?

And when you say...
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Boil the mixture and then turn off the heat. Immediatly drop your knobs into the pot and cover them with the tea grounds.
...Aren't the tea grounds already in the mixture?
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Just let it get it like that naturally (pretty hard to do on poly finishes though) because relics almost always look crap.

I agree. I saw a fender relic guitar in my guitar shop and it was finished in satin and they put the finish on the parts which were supposed to be exposed wood!?

If you want to get an aged look I think if you polish your guitar with car polish everyday it will start to weaken the finish which will quicken the ageing process.

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