Hi i have heard that its a need to upgrade the speaker on your ADVT amp.... is this true to get the best sound??? how do i know if i need to upgrade and also what is a good upgrade speaker??? thank you
i have the vox ad50vt 50 wat, to get a cleaner less distorted sound,.... turn down the gain, and turn up the master switch at the back of the amp, to your desired volume + read the book...
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Creamsoda, changing speakers to get the best sound is going to happen with any amp. Even the best, most expensive amps get speaker changes to get even better sound. Some amps just have "better" stock speakers. I say "better" because tone is completely preference. Some people will think an amp sounds great, while others don't like the sound.

Try out the AD30VT and see if you like it. If you like the sound of it, buy it. If you don't, try the AD50VT. It has a "better" speaker that you may like more. And for the amount of money you'd spend on a speaker change, you might as well just get the 50w version that has a better speaker to start with.
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and the nice thing about the '50 is it has an external speaker output, so you can use it to drive another cabinet .......
........ but if you want to know more about Vox valvetronix amps, go to www.valvetronix.net.

One guy who psots there details how he modded his AD30VT to resemble the AC30 and replaced his stock speaker with a Clestion Blue (I think)
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I have the AD30VT. In the guitar store, it sounded better to me than the AD50VT, which I thought was too bassy (I was trying it out with a PRS SE Soapbar II and a MIM Tele). After a couple weeks at home, I noticed with naturally louder guitars that the speaker would make a farting noise in the cleans. Really sucks, so now I'm in the switching my speaker realm. Celestion makes a couple 10" speakers that are decent. I was also thinking about getting the Fender 10" replacement speaker for the Bassman, which is rated at 30 watts. Not a lot of options out there, unfortunately, but there are some. Eminence makes a few in the 70 watt range, but I don't think I want to match a 30w amp with a 70w speaker.
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Well, I recently ordered an Eminence Red Coat Ramrod 10" to replace my stock speaker. I'll give feedback once I get it if you want.

I don't think you have to worry too much about matching speaker wattage with amp wattage, so long as the speaker is rated for more than the amp can output. I guess I'll find out...
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Well, in the world of car audio, they tell you it's better to have too many watts going to a speaker than too few -- too few watts will damage a speaker more than overpowering it a little would. So I'm a little hesitant matching up a speaker that is rated for more than twice the wattage the amp puts out.
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cream there is very little need to replace the speaker on your amp. its not worth putting a $50-$100 speaker into a $240 amp. maybe if it was an all tube amp but for christ's sake its a modeling amp. I have a ad30vt and i see no reason in upgrading it. just take that speaker money and save up for a tube amp or a new guitar.
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I think the investment he'd make is smaller than the hit he'd take trying to sell it. Or they about equal one another out. Either way. I generally like the tones of mine, but not the crap speaker, so out with the old, in with the new
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My thing is I really like the tones I get at low volume. The AD30 is a near perfect practice/bedroom/apt amp. So I'm not getting rid of it anytime soon, why not add a little extra spice to my mix? Hence, speaker upgrade.
It's a fine line between clever and stupid.
I'm quite happy with the Celestion 70/80 speaker in my AD60.

It's a 12", though, so it wouldn't fit an AD30.
I'm not sure who made the stock speaker in my 30 but it breaks up when I use the neck pickup on my agile with the UK 80's setting when I hold a note.
It's a fine line between clever and stupid.
I have problems with the cleans farting/distorting on the neck pickups on my Strat and soapbar. I've never contemplated switching a speaker before I bought this amp. Really disappointing.
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I've had the same problem with the clean farting noise too. Just turn the volume on the guitar down a little bit, that should solve it.
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