Hi, I have Saga Les Paul (Kit) and there is this buzzing noise, but when I touch the pickups the buzz stops. I thought it was the ground and I grounded it to the input jack of the guitar and it did'nt help any.
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the ground loop also has to be connnected to the stop tailpiece of the guitar. this may help
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there needs to be a ground wire (maybe black) wire, that runs from the input plug, over to the 3 way switch then over a pool of solder on the volume pot.

also more grounding wires come from each of the pickups to that spot.
and also branch off and attach to the other pots.

then it runs thru a hole over to the guitars bridge.

so everything gets grounded. if u ground everything to a common point in the guitar, ull eliminate that noise.

so either something didnt get grounded (ie: a pickup) or one of ur wires looks connected but is actually loose.

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