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What musician, event, band or thing inspired you to pick up a guitar one day?

For me, it was when I saw System of a Down live in 05. Daron Malakian may not be the best guitarist and I'm sure plenty of people hate him, but he is who inspired me to play.

my uncle, who taught me my first chords too
and a band with some of my friends
that inspired me to play guitar

to play music...I don't know... I guess I was in search for a fun hobby and music school was just that!
Playing air guitar to iron maiden's the trooper!

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jimi hendrix made me curious to want to play guitar and then the first time i heard eruption by v.h. ...that just "did it" for me.
The Girl i liked at the time was a band *****, so i bought a ****ty 110th hand guitar from a mate

and after 2 months bought my Guild And ive been hooked for about 3 years.
i had an acoustic and was bored so figure might as well learn how to play. 3 years and 3000 pound on I'm still hooked
I wanted to play for as long as I can remember but always ended up with a classical thinking "I dont want to play any of the music that works with this thing!".

Eventually I was triggered by my half-brother Jon Airdrie from welsh group "The Shelleys" and the game "Guitar Hero"... pretty sad I know but whatever made me do it I'm really glad I did.

(btw I'm still bottom level beginner, but then its only been a week!)
well there was a very cheap guitar class at my school during the summer, so i thought why not.
when I saw james hetfield at werchter 2004.
Metallica did it for me.

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i was introduced to metallica in 1995; that was part of my inspiration. The other part: why not try it?

i've been playing for 4.5 years.
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I have no ****ing idea. I play the guitar for 1 year, but I play the clarinet for 5 years now. I got into the guitar because of an old flame, and many influences around me.
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What inspired me to play the guitar? Tom Morello.
Inspired me to write music? The song Piano Man by Billy Joel.
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I was watching a video of Happiness in Slavery by Nine inch Nails when I was like 'damn...I want to be that guitarist up there'

actually it was this specific video on youtube

(the video is from 1994 but I watched it like 2 months ago, which is about how much experience I have on guitar)
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Mark Tremonti inspired me to pick up my very first guitar. He is just so awesome.
Guitar is rooted in my being...Nothing in particular "inspired" me, because I always wanted to play to begin with.

It just took me a while to figure out.
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Always loved guitars but never thought i could play one. I was on a camping trip when some old dude next to our tent picked up his guitar and started playing. He saw i was completely amazed by it and handed it to me. Of course i couldnt play **** but he showed me some chords and the beginning of "les jeux interdits".

I was instantly hooked and when i got back in town, bought my guitar the first day. I was 21 and am still pissed i didnt try it sooner.
when i heard nirvana unplugged in new york that was about 2 years and 3 months more or less....
My grandfather plays rockabily and I watched him and decided I wanted to play.. He knows no theory or anything and can still just write song after song after song its crazy.
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My dad, he's been playing for only God knows how long, and he really inspired me, I had been wanting to play since I was little, but kept giving up. I really dug in and started when I was around 13, he taught me basic chords, the rest is self-taught.
Watching Jimmy Page on the Led Zeppelin 2 disc DVD. I know it'll take me years to get that good...many many years...but if I can play a tenth as good as he does, I'll die a happy man.
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my father has owned a beautiful american stratocaster since 1980 or so. i never really noticed it was always laying around the house until my good friend picked up the guitar a loooooooong time ago, we were probably 4 or 5. needless to say, he gave it up and i took it on, around the age of seven. i went to my first few guitar lessons with what i didnt realise until years later what is the best musical guitar instrument ever to be created by man. i heard of this jimi hendrix guy from my parents and all their friend. too bad it was just recent years that i actually got into the greatest guitarist of all time. basically, friends, wanting to lay down awesome ripping solos to anything i want to, musical gods hendrix, frusciante, srv, and all the best who played the best instruments.
Tom Morello's work on Audioslave first album, Angus Young on Back in Black, and Jimmy Page on Zeppelin IV, made me buy a guitar.
Simply put my dad did. He has a Guild Starfire 4. I remember when I was younger he was able to play really well. Songs I never heard of course, but he was really good at it, fluid in all his chord changes and all that. He told me the only reason he stopped was because he had carpotunnel in his wrist, which pretty much ended his ability to flex is wrist, even after the surgery.

I wanted to play guitar since he showed me how good he was. The first chance I had was just this past year when I signed up for an intro to accoustic class. Now, I play all my guitars (my accoustics, my bass, and my electric) and try to improve my playing, so one day I'll be able to play something awesome for my kids, like he did for me.

I think when i started to play, he became the proudest he ever was of me. He told me that, one day he'll give me his guitar. It's one that I always thought was beautiful looking.

The funny thing is he always talks about getting me a strat for graduating...

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Some cruddy classical that my parents bought off ebay for like 40 bucks.
Hendrix was a big part, I saw how much fun he was having on stage and that got me interested. Then I heard So Cold by Breaking Benjamin, and I went out and bought one that day.
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Watching Jimmy Page on the Led Zeppelin 2 disc DVD. I know it'll take me years to get that good...many many years...but if I can play a tenth as good as he does, I'll die a happy man.

ya same for me i rember walkin in to the living room and seein this guy with a double neck guitar playin the most beautiful thing i had ever heard and i was like so this is the crap my dad listened to then i ask my dad who that is and he replys the greatest guitarist ever... a year later i get my first guitar
the first person was jimi hendrix i was more then impress when i saw him playing inthe guitar . the other one was linkin park this guys totally ROCK!!!!!!!!!
Children of Bodom's Downfall solo... I thought it was the craziest thing I had ever heard and started playing guitar soon after hearing it.
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