when i got into this school and (the best) music class i made it to get into a special class (3-4 kids), where they teach us sound design and wirings and stuff like that.
which means, after i graduate i can work in gigs and amplifing companys.
this class helped me some much by improving my understanding and sound. now, in gigs i can tell the soundman exactly what i want and sometimes has to explain to him what i want. I love to be able to know these thing although my young age.

i suggest all of you, if you havent, to start learning wirings and compositions. it also helps to figure out whats the problem if one starts on stage, faster.

anyone here (i bet that theres alot of soundmans here) learned sound design?
and how did it affect on you? isnt it fun explaining people?

I also work at plays and cermonys.

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There's a school not too far away from me .. I have it bookmarked on my other computer so I'll edit this later with the link .. but they specialize entirely in sound engineering etc. I'm really considering applying because all the programs at the university and college in my city are geared towards classical performance, and while I love classical guitar it's just not something I want to dedicate my life to.

Edit: Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology http://www.oiart.ca/
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Yeah I do the sound at my church, it really does help u understand the physics of sound far more. Its great, and is a huge learning curve for anyone who gets involved.
Plus...you get to meet good people..the lights man on my first gig when i did the sound geve me great connections and got me into bigger things...you know that Roger Waters was in israel? i was on stage!
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Sound is great. I started out doing Drama for my high school, then I began doing sound for random events, and school assemblies. Now I'm working with Bucksport Community Theatre, which you have to be greatly qualified to be in. I also do shows for local bands, as well as record some of them. It's fun.

After high school, I plan on going to the University of Massachusetts (Lowell) to further study sound and recording engineering
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