i need help with recording my voice... i tried recording with audacity using a mic(mic > PC mic jack > audacity), but it sounds really bad.

the thing is, im not sure if the problem is just the lack of effects, my singing, or both.

im supposed to play as a guitarist/vocal in my band, and this is my first singing experience. i don't take any singing lessons.(also getting singing lesson isnt an option either)

my mic
me singing learntofly --- foo fighters

any help would be greatly appreciated
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konnichi wa,

OK, let me start by saying everything i say is with respect...

Your mic is fine, your set up is fine. What you are hearing is a clear representation of your voice. freaky huh? if you've never recorded yourself before, it is strange. but that is how you sounds to everyone else. if you dont like what you hear when you play it back, chances are it is not good. We hear what you are now hearing. However, dont be scared, it took balls to post that up, so well done.. just keep at it..

good luck
uhh, i also got shocked when i first heard my voice recorded. it sounds so different...
but i had a really bad mic, so that's also why my voice sounded bad... i see your mic shuld be fine.
anyway, i heard that with practicing you can make your singing alot better.
The problem Is your voice... And maybe the volume of the recording.

You really should look at the vocals tipes thread.
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signing is not a gift, it is taught. some have different registers than others, but every voice can be trained and better results will follow... aint easy though!
yeah listen to applehead hes totally right. I do lead vocals/Bass for my band and i sucked at singing, i think i still do but with practice im gettin better but it takes up a lot of your time. Also just makes sure your voice isn't suited maybe to a different genre. But PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE as with everything in music and the world...
Songs working on :

um... wats a preamp?? you mean something like this?

*i connected my mic directly to my pc...
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you can add reverb or delay to vocals to help soften them up and it can help hide bad pitch. nobody performs without some degree of effects on the vocals. i use a lot cause im an aweful singer. singing through a PA and being able to hear yourself as you are singing helps a lot too.

half of learning how to sing is getting the guts to let it out. you think dave grohl is holding anything back when he is singing that song? it sounds like you are just being to timid. i think you are hitting the right notes for the most part but you need to half yell that song to get it to sound right. dirty up your voice, practice, and add some reverb and you will be fine.
I agree with evansut7 your sining is to timid. Sounds like the notes are there just need to let it out a little more. Dont be scared if you find that you cant hit the notes as well at first, thats just because your voice isnt strong enough yet. With practice that will go away and leave you with a crisp loud voice. That my humble opinion.
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There are a lot of things to keep in mind when you're singing -- not just pitch. Volume, tone, energy, emotion, the shapes you're making in your mouth.

You'd do very well to go hit up the Vocal Tips thread at the top of this forum. But since we're here, and since you're reading, I'll give you a few tips.

First of all, they're right. You are being too timid. You're "talking" in a pitch. Singing is different. It requires that you support the sound with air and really hit notes.

Secondly, you're singing with your nose too much and not your mouth. "Yawn" just a litle bit and your nasal cavity will open up. This is how you want to sing, not with a closed-mouth approach.

For some basic info on singing that you REALLY have to read, try my post here and SingingSabre's post here.

Read them front to back, try recording yourself again, and we'll go from there.
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Quote by Applehead
signing is not a gift, it is taught.

Can I be really annoying, and disagree.
At least a bit?

I've been singing (and I mean SINGING - choral stuff, real voice training) semi-pro since the age of 7. Yes, I was a choirboy (still am at heart) don't get too excited.

When I was about 10 mabey, we were joined by a singer who really did have natural talent. I'd been through far more institutionalised training (well, Monday and Friday evenings, on the job learning) than many people will ever do, and this kid had never be taught to sing in his life.
But he had the most amazing voice.
I envy him to this day.

Now what i'm saying is: yes, the bulk of any musical skill can be learnt, but for some people, stuff is far easier than for others. I know people that are 'tone deaf' - literally cant hear the differecne between two notes. That can't hear music in their heads with out input from outside. That stuff can't be taught. I've never understood those people fully, because their world must be polar opposite to mine.

But don't think of what you have as a lack of talent.
You have far more talent than most - you are, to a greater or lesser degree, a musician. Draw on the pride in the skill you have, enjoy the talents you are given, love music in its purest and most basic form. Entertain yourself with your own cleverness.

That is all.
Grant me the power to change what I can.
Grant me the serenity to accept what I cannot change.
Grant me the wisdom to tell the difference.

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^^ hurray for choir boys

and yeah, it's possible that you're pre-disposed to be a good singer.

it's also possible that you're pre-disposed to be horrible.

But you'll never know until you try to learn, and try to improve. So do it.
ok thanks for the tip... i already know im not good at singing, so im not so offended...

well i guess practice is important... ill try posting something better next time!
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Quote by evansut7
you can add reverb or delay to vocals to help soften them up and it can help hide bad pitch.

You cannot polish a turd. Trust me, i'm a qualified sound engineer.

jakkle, i agree and disagree with your statements. For the most part, it's recognised that "you can either sing or you can't" and this just isn't true. Look at Jonny Cash? Nick Cave.. i mean., damn, i hate their voices, but they are SINGING. Just because he doesnt sound like Stevie Wonder, doesnt mean he isnt singing. The hardest part of learning to sing is finding YOUR OWN voice, and not trying to replicate someone else. Singing a Dave Grohl song? You'll more than likely be trying to sound like Dave Grohl, which you can't, because you are not him. Once you have found your own voice, that is when you can train it to sing, hit notes, learn correct breathing, posture. Singing is technical as well, even Stevie Wonder was trained to sing.

However, as i said, people have different vocal registers, so if you are trying to sing some song in a high register, it aint gonna happen if your vocal chords do not allow it. I love Muse, and i have to sing Muse songs one octave lower than Matt Belamy otherwise i start coughing and hurt my throat ! This doesn't mean i can't sing, it just means not in that register.

So, try and find out your own voice, experiment. The best way to do this is to write some lyrics, and then sing them yourself. Even if hyou're singing Humpty Dumpty, just try and make it your own. This way you have no idea how it should sound, so you have to create the vocal melody yourself.

Quote by Applehead
i hate their voices, but they are SINGING.

Fair enough - you're perfectly right.

Singing, and any music in general, is personal to each and every singer or musician.

To each one of us, singing can represent different things - screaming heavy metal lyrics (even cut that down to the crazed rasping yell type, or the 'Iron Maiden' shrieking, among many others), Paul Weller's loose vocal style in the Clash, tuneful semi-spoken/shouted punk and classic rock tunes, or bright choral falsettos.

In a million different forms.

To each person, they grade their musical ability by what they want to sound like.
I decide how good I am at guitar and bass by how acurately I (and other people) think i'm playing cover songs, or just how nice a tune I can create of my own. All the 'niceness' is compared to what we decide is perfection, and we create perfection in our heads. Often it's aimed at a singer of musician we admire. Or we have the idea of a great sound, and try to become that sound.

Personally, I consider myself very lucky that I have a versatile voice, and can replicate the singing styles of many different artists, with more work in some areas than others (Current project: Re-creating Freddie Mercury's unique timbre and tone. Nearly there I reckon.) I have my own style, which I build my music around. But I?m always aiming for bigger and better.

The other thing is: even for one person, perfection may not exist, even in their heads. I know this applies to me. With my choir (I?m a second tenor now, thanks very much) I sing a completely different style as I do with my band. In both I think I achieve the right sort of feel, though there is no one perfect. I mix techniques and tricks to improve both, but there is no one standard. I think this is true of many people, if they stopped and thought about it.

So yeah, singing is anything - but it's also one thing.
It's what the singer considers it to be.

Grant me the power to change what I can.
Grant me the serenity to accept what I cannot change.
Grant me the wisdom to tell the difference.

"I had a hat once.
It was a very fine hat..."
^ well said, good luck with the Freddie "impersonation" (the "'s are because i'm not sure if that's the right word for it, not as an insult) and i wouldn't mind hearing how you sound if you want another opinion?

I'm not the greatest singer, and i've only REALLY been singing for a year (almost).

Now i am somewhat of an "interesting" singer and i have a different kind of singing style to most, proof that i'm not a proper singer, bare with me i want to get this out

I believe there are two types of singers

Active singers
These singers, are what you hear the most, truthfully they're just people with control of their voice, pitch and everything else, they know what they are singing and they hit it, as often as they possibly can. People like Jakkle here are Active Singers (i say that because i'm guessing you have to be with trying Freddie .)

Re-active Singers
This is what i sing, it means i have to hear the key of the song and work from there. It means that unless i know the song INTENSELY and can hear it playing completely in my head (which happens a lot) i can't sing the song without music. This makes people go "you can't sing" a LOT because well, without music i normally can't but there are songs i can hit everytime, perfectly without music. The Other guitarist in my band (i sing and play guitar/piano/bass, whatever's needed one of those annoying people who picks up instruments easily /end brag) hates my voice but walks into practice sometimes and goes "Matt, that wasn't you was it? because that was good".
You have to find songs you can sing and work with them, personally my voice is more suited to acoustic than anything else so i write acoustic music, probably because it's harder to hear yourself/the music when there's so much distortion around you that you don't know what note they're playing.

I sing Everlong by the Foo Fighters and it is the only FF song i sing because he's got a grungier voice than me. I LOVE Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes) but i can't sing like him, so i make every song of his that i sing my own. I change the melody line and make it easier for me most of the time. That pisses some people off because, hell, it's not the original song is it? but stuff them, you're singing it, sing how YOU want because it's YOUR voice that they're hearing and if you're going to put yourself out there you want to make SURE you sound good, by anyone's standards.

I also love Radiohead and at the moment am learning "Fake Plastic Trees". Many people who know the song and know how i sing laugh when i tell them that because i NEVER sing in my Falcetto and with no training finding your falcetto is hard, but i can hit the octave jumps (not all the time unfortunately) and so i keep working on it until i do.

My singing has come in leaps and bounds and with it so has my melody writing (i write songs so my melodies are important) for proof - if you want to look - go to my Dmusic site (link in Sig) and listen to Keeping Secrets (sorry about the vocals i was playing and singing at the same time without mastering the vocals first (bad idea)) and then listen to "You Planned It And Everything" which is one of the first songs i EVER recorded and you can TELL the difference.

In Closing, practice practice practice, get people to tell you what they think because the more people that like it the better you are getting and EXPECT to get bagged for it - personally i got bagged a LOT when i was starting because i sang ALL the time and people would say it sucks one of my best mates still says i can't sing so you have to expect people to not like it.
To quote Madonna "if everyone likes it you're doing something wrong"

Eventually you'll find something you like that others like, hope it all goes well for you man
Need Singing Advice?; Read the first page then ask questions.

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i think this may get moved to the vocal tips thread.....

but i'll have to go with ol' applehead on these. the best thing to do is find where you are comfortable to sing and sing there. i personally sing i guess a low B - E range (ie slipknot, most tool, SOAD, some metallica, etc etc) i can sing anything else as well but i know i will have to sing it alot lower than the original artist. i was actually discussing this with my mother the other day that if you can do a certain range then it goes up too much for you to sing along with, then go down to the appropriate notes. this can often give a really sweet sound to a cover song. a pinch of reverb, chorus and echo can help add a "sheen" to vocals but really shouldn't be used to cover up piss poor pitch. like he said, "ya can' polish a turd"