Hey, big problem. Gonna buy a tube amp, tried the laney, loved it, more than enough volume. Now the valveking is going for about the same price at my local music store. 50 watts. They got none in stock, and sale ends soon, but i'll get the same price if i order it. I've heard bad stuff about it. Went on harmony central, i still need people to compare the two. I play maiden and some blues. higher gain stuff can be taken care of with a good OD.
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I'm in exactly the same situation, and I reckon the Laney is a better amp. The Laney has great reviews and the Peavey has a lot of bad ones, the VC30-112 has a Celestion Seventy80 speaker and when you're in an area as hot as Melbourne, you don't want an amp with widespread reliability problems (the Valveking).
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