What exactly is a Melody, I know quite a bit of music theory but I have never really fully understood it, can someone give me an example please

well the melody line is th eline which carries the "tune" of the song, so it would be what the lead instrument or vocalist used. For instance the melody of Twinkle Twinkle is the tune the lyrics are sung to, whereas in an instrumental piece, the melody would be the (probably highest) line which gave the song a tune.
Could I have an example? I kinda get it but I understand things more if I see it
like... let me think... vocals for nearly every song has the medoly. melody is what you usually hum along with after hearing a song and getting it stuck in ytour head.
Oh I see what you mean now, but if a song changes wouldnt the melody be different as the guitar parts wouldnt stay the same throughout
Melody is the opposite from the Harmony. My article here explains a bit more if you want.

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Thanx, that helped a bit, could someone give an example from a song =]

Thanx for all your help everyone