hey hey everyone, just a few quick quesitons, im lookin to buy a guitar sometime in the near future to upgrade from my dodgey beginners montery. i mainly play rock/ grunge style music (Alice in chains, guns n roses, pearl jam, Stone Temple Pilots kinda stuff) any recomendations for guitars and does anyone know of any good/cheap online music sites? ive done a fair bit of looking but just asking incase someones discovered a gem ive missed. i can spend a little bit but nothin over a grand (australian) probably. also, anyone know the difference between G&L tribute series and normal G&L? are they like an imitation version or something?
thanks heaps
I suggest going to Musicians Friend for your online buying needs, I use it and it's great. Now for your new guitar I suggest the ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000, but thats only because your just out of reach of and Epiphone Elitist Les Paul which is $1,199 or so if im not mistaken. Heres the link to both guitars...
ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000 Epiphone Elitist Standard Plus

Edit: I just remembered MF isn't shipping internationaly. I guess Music123 is your best bet on getting stuff since im positive they ship internationally heres the links to those guitars again... ESP EC-1000 Epiphone Elitist Standard Plus
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LTD Deluxe are out of the question as their over 1000 aud. and the difference is one is hand made and hand sanded while the other is totally cnc'd