hey could someone tell me what bass strings they prefer, ive been playing for half a year and my strings are dead finally. I play mostly funk with a lot of slapbass with alot of improvs. i was looking at rotosound round wound swing bass, but i have no idea about guages or any of that ****. comments or suggestions would be appreciated.
as far as guages go with bass strings:

50 seems to be standard
45 seems to be light
55 seems to be thick

thicker strings = thicker, fatter tone
thinner strings = easier to play

Quote by chilibassist
funk with a lot of slapbass with alot of improvs.

Flea has a signature set of GHS strings if thats what you're into.

Though brands are really a thing of preference as different people seem to react different with different strings, most of the companies make decent strings (Rotosound, Ernie Ball, GHS, D'addario.....), its just about finding what works best for you...
thanks dude, um if you check this again, how much are these ghs strings, for the 50 probably.
IF you play funk and slap a lot, I'd recommend the light strings. They have a real bright tone.