Alrighty, I was looking into these pick-ups and was wondering if they covered the whole spectrum of music I play. In my band I play a lot of punk and emo stuff, but when I am in my bed room I play everything from jazz, metal, hardcore, blues, you get the pint. Would it be a good idea to put these in my Gibson Les Paul... How would it change my tone and would it suit my every need? Another question when the 9v batteries run out, do the pick ups still work, not like it matters too much I was just curious.

The DG-20 set do everything, but they are for Strats and expensive!

For you i would suggest EMG 81 and then EMG60, not 85, too muddy.

If battery runs out on stage, you better have a backup!!
The active EMG humbuckers (81, 85, 60) are only good for metal, hardcore and heavy rock, and are only good with a good tube amp. But that's my opinion and some (not many) will disagree. They put out lots of highs but with your mahogany body, it should balance it out a bit. And the power consumption is very low, one battery will last ages, depending on how often you play and how long. It won't just die within the space of 5 seconds, you'll notice when it's running out.
These go to eleven...
EMGs are best for High gain stuff. The 60 does have some pretty good cleans, but keep in mind what they were designed for. Try checking out some Duncans or Dimarzios.
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icic... Well I have a all tube head so that's good. How are the cleans on them? What would you suggest for pick-ups for my type of music, band wise?
The cleans on the 60 are pretty good, they have a nice tight bass sound. Glad to see youve got a tube amp, they pwn solid-states. If you have a lot of money to spend on pickups than look into Bareknuckles. They are the best pickups around, but are quite expensive. Try asking around somebody could reccomend you a good pair. If your on a budget than go with a Seymour Duncan JH-5 in the bridge and a 59 or a Jazz in the neck. Also, you may want to go with a DImarzio Tone Zone in the bridge and a Air Noron in the neck.
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I'm sure theres a Nigerian king just waiting for you to reply to his email