Okay, this is really the first song I ever tried hard to record, and it's only about 30 seconds long. I truly do not like recording. Anyway, I know Tony tunes down one and a half steps, but I really just didn't want to tune down at the time. Also, the guitar is tripled (Overall, left, and right guitars).

So anyway, I tought it came out pretty cool, crit for crit of course.

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Sounds good for your first recording...sounds like you got the rythem down pretty good.

what did you use to record?
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Thanks. I just plugged into the line in on my computer with my MIM strat. I used Audacity to record.
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meatwad>chuck norris
C'mon, I was ready for Children of the Grave to come on.
Not big on the tone but a great first recording.
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i was really good for your first shot at recording. the sound is good, the tone is alright and overall it was pretty good. im not familiar with the actual song so i cant compare it. the next step is to do a full song.
To headfest88, that was a full song lol.

It's just an instrumental short 35 or so second song on black sabbath's album 'master of reality'