I'm after buying new pups for my jaguar.
They're CIJ stock so they're pretty icky quality wise. They have a nice tone. But they aren't potted and are very low output.
I don't want to bother with wax potting them myself or recoiling whatever.

I just want new ones.
Duncans. I was thinking either the Vintage Jaguar Duncans or the Hot ones (For a bit more oomph) but I don't want to sacrifice the twangy surf sound, that seems a bit fattened with the hot pups. Would the vintage ones cut it? (I'm talking in the realm of pinch harmonics and legato/tapping.) I don't want to get pups for metal, because I would have bought the HH jag if I did. But i'm using it as my main guitar and I need to be able to do all the techniques for my lessons/gcses.
There's nothing wrong with my technique itself, and my amp has enough gain to manage. I can master them on my LP knock off and even on the single coil setting of my erg easily. So I don't want people going on about that.
Just recommendations, anyone ever tried these? Oh and not the quarter pounders, if I wanted something like that I'd get single coil sized buckers.