Music style? I have a short review of the Cube 60 in the experiences with the Cube 60 thread, check that out. I've never tried the Vox though.
what genres you play?
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I might be available to do sound clips of the cube 60 later, I'll be micing it with a crappy on stage stands mic (Worth about 3 bucks :P), so it won't do it justification, but, it's better than nothing. :P
I'd solidly go with Vox. I have a Vox and my teacher uses a Cube 30, so I've got a good idea of what they sound like. I think the Vox is more varied and has a better range of sounds.
^I hear the Vox is better, but if you want that recto sound, I guess cube is the way to go. Everything else on the Cube is... meh. Vox wins in all other situations.
Cube might be better then. Cube does better metal tones than the Vox, but if you ever want to get a nice classic rock or lighter tone, you might regret not buying the Vox. You should probably test both out if you can.